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Radar Blind Spot Detection

Have complete confidence when changing lanes or backing out of a parking spot with an Authentic OEM™ Radar Blind Spot Monitoring System.


A universal radar blind spot system is designed to fit any vehicle and when paired with  vehicle specific brackets, ensures an easy, professional installation that has a factory fit and finish. Some kit contains Authentic OEM™ radar sensing components and vehicle-specific brackets to mount the dual 24GHz radar sensors at the required precise angle, which helps minimize false alarms. We suggests an OEM Radar Blind Spot System accurately detects unseen vehicles in your vehicle’s blind spots and alerts you with a visual warning via an LED indicator light mounted at the bottom of the vehicle’s A-pillar. An audible alert is triggered if you turn on your turn signal and a vehicle is detected in a blind spot.

An added feature of the system is rear cross-traffic detection. When the vehicle is in reverse, the system changes the radar pattern to look for oncoming traffic directly on each side of the vehicle.


  • Authentic OEM™ components with vehicle specific brackets
  • Visual indicators mount cleanly at bottom of windshield pillar; no exposed wire
  • System activates when vehicle speed is greater than 15 mph
  • System indicator is triggered when a vehicle is in the blind spot
  • Audible warning alert helps prevent ill-timed lane changes
  • System does not pick up any stationary objects
  • Only senses the lane next to the vehicle and not two lanes over like competitive products
  • Senses motorcycles and semi-trailers at all times
  • Built in cross-traffic alert when backing up
  • Uses original equipment components for long life and reliability
  • More accurate, more useful and less intrusive than camera-based blind spot monitors

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