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Fleet Management

Do you manage a Fleet of Vehicles? Learn how you can make the roads safer with aftermarket technology.

HD Dash Camera

w/ GPS Map Display & Speed Tracking


HD Dash Cameras are designed to mount to a vehicle’s windshield and record everything seen out the front of the vehicle.  Their purpose is manifold, they come in great use in case of an accident for insurance reasons or to present to a court, they can be used to dispute traffic tickets and to protect against police brutality and they are a great way to record all the priceless moments that happen on the road.

Some Dash Camera come apart of a larger Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS). They can help provide drivers with peace of mind in the event of a crash knowing they have the whole event recorded. The system records audio as well as front and rear camera views to an included 32GB micro SD card, automatically, if it senses an impact. GPS data is also included. Recording can also be triggered manually at the push of a button, and for fleet managers, the touch screen can be password-protected to prevent disabling the system.


  • Video and Event Recording: Automatic or manually activated front and rear audio and video recording with GPS data. Includes a 32GB Micro SD card
  • Secondary Camera: Includes interior mount, multi-purpose camera for rear event or interior occupant monitoring
  • Simple Calibration: Calibration is easily done via the touch screen, the only tool you need is a tape measure
  • Small Footprint: Mounts easily to windshield with included OEM 3M adhesive
  • User Interface: Convenient 2.4” touchscreen
  • DVR Recording: Continuous front and rear recording while ignition is on and any time an event is sensed while vehicle is parked
  • Location Data: Includes built-in GPS receiver for detecting vehicle speed and pinpointing event locations

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